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Klaser is a Stuff Organizer designed to easily collect, organize and quickly find your stuff in collections, maps and tags. Release your mind from remembering details.

See how you can organize your life with Klaser:

1. Lightning fast & easy remember things, places and ideas
2. Intuitively access your records ordered in collections
3. Quickly find exactly what you need by names, descriptions, tags, places & collections
4. Know where your stuff is thanks to places and maps view
5. Cross-group and prioritize your stuff in tag folders
6. Share your stuff through AirDrop & E-mail

All of us take pictures to remember something. Whether it’s a thing or information don't jam it with family pics. Klaser is your handy visual memory.


Everyday life
• memorize recommended books
• save labels of your fav wines
• picture current medications
• capture the stuff you lend
• remember your gym schedule


• save your receipts before they fade away
• car photos for the insurance company

• save proof of your valuables
• keep document copies with you
• keep photos of family license plates


• price labels of the items you want to buy
• photo your outfits while shopping to compare
• menu from nearby bar
• clothing tags

Moms world
• capture favorites recipes

• kids health papers

• save kids observations

• where is my kid SOS pic 


• don’t forget the parking slot number
• mileage of a rented car
• picture timetables while in a trip
• carry family health cards, passports and visa pics
• capture hotel and street names in a foreign country


• remember position of plugs

• keep measurements of your appliance’s parts
• remember dates on oil- change tag

• picture stuff you need to sell while cleaning


• Coins

• Stamps

• Comics

• Books

• Vines

• Vinyls

• Arts

• Toys

• Sports

• Cards

Make your collectibles comfortable in Klaser. Give them space to grow. Share your collectibles with friends through AirDrop, iMessage, E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr & Weibo.

If you love Klaser there is good news for you! We are working to bring an iCloud synchronization and iPad version to give you even more flexibility! Coming soon!

“From my experience, working in business for over 20 years, dealing with tons of products, producing, retailing, even making them on my own, I learned strict organization of resources. There is nothing more costly than losing what you had already accomplished. This equally concerns the goods gathered and the time necessary to find them." Tomasz Chwilowicz

This is Klaser - Your Stuff Organizer


OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (12.12.16 - 19:22)
Die Idee und das Konzept sind schon mal gut.
Der Rest wird sich beim Gebrauch der App erweisen...
Allgemein (02.07.15 - 18:26)
1.можно создать папку и дать ей название, прикрепить миниатюру и присвоить тег( коллекция);
2. "Коллекцию" можно пополнить элементами, к каждому из которых можно прикрепить миниатюру-изображение( раскрывается в полный размер), дать описание и присвоить или прикрепить уже имеющийся тег;
3. Можно сделать фото и прикрепить геопозицию, например, коллекционируете расположение кафе или интересные места на маршруте.
4. Каждый элемент "коллекции" можно отправить по AirDrop, mail или "сохранить изображение"-( при сохранении то, что было закачено сюда в PNG, отправляет обратно в CameraRoll в jpeg, сохраняя размер, но сжимая вес.)
В целом мне понравилось, НО: разработчик ещё год назад обещал сделать версию для планшета и, похоже, оставил эту идею. Жаль.
Попробуйте, пока бесплатно. Идеи и потребности - у всех разные.
Allgemein (07.07.14 - 08:25)
Allgemein (06.07.14 - 18:52)
Источником для создания идей и вещей и их умелая организация находится в сознании человека и в его разумном начале. Но ни как в странных приложениях....
(06.07.14 - 21:58)
@Pluton :
Может быть, вы тогда можете назвать источник мыслей? Вот пришла вам в голову вдруг неожиданная мысль − откуда она? ��
joe camel
Allgemein (06.07.14 - 18:19)
I ' d prefer "sortly"
(12.12.16 - 19:21)
@joe camel:
"Sortly" kostet in der Premiumversion (Vollversion) aber auch satte 10.--
joe camel
(12.12.16 - 19:27)
Seit die Sachen nicht mehr lokal speichern, bin ich auch davon weg, ich stell mein Inventar doch nicht online.

Allgemein (23.05.14 - 19:02)
Backup? Sync?
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
Allgemein (21.05.14 - 15:02)
Only will download on iOS 7.1 and up.
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for iPhone + for iPad


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Dec 12
Version: 1.1
Jul 06
Version: 1.0.1
Jul 04
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Version: 1.0.0

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More Informations

What's new in this version?

Your latest feedback was amazing. Thank you for being with us.
We are working hard on new features to make you super organized!

Features added:
• iCloud sync & Dropbox backup paid option
• iPad ready
• Filtering items on a map by collections & tags
• Map and address shown in the item’s record
• Get directions to your item saved
• Places view has changed
• Settings with support, knowledge base and feedback forum
• Bug fixes & performance improvements

Bug fixes: done, so we all have less stress :)

There is more coming in near future: 
- Serial pictures adding... Stay tuned!

Why don't you tell us your thought?  We read all the reviews and consider new features you mention. 
If you like Klaser give us a nice review, it helps us make Klaser better. :)

Release Date: 1/1/0001
Entwickler Support:
Category: Productivity
Version: 1.1
Size: 9 MB
Rated: 4+
Rating (Overall): 2
Rating (Version): No Rating availible

More from: Tomasz Chwilowicz


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